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Lean, Agile & Customer-Centric
Lean, Agile & Customer-Centric
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Sure, the title sounds like we're playing 'buzz word bingo', but these models and frameworks are becoming standard ways of working, fast.

Exploring this Playbook involves navigating between the real impact of these models and a certain amount of hype. Indeed, it's worth reminding yourself of the Map vs Territory model, and that 'all models are wrong, some of them are useful.' 

So, which of these models and frameworks are useful in your context, for your needs? And how might you combine and contextualise them to deliver the best value for you?

We encourage you to find out more about each of them by clicking through to the overview and actionable takeaways, and then experiment! True to Agile, create a hypothesis about what will work for you and your team, and iterate your way forward while learning more through practice.

Let's get started. 

This Playbook includes the following sections, select a heading to jump to that section.
Let's begin with the models and frameworks that are at the core of a lean, agile and customer centric approach.
Lean Thinking

Lean Thinking isn't just about cutting costs, it's about embracing continuous improvement to deliver greater value with less waste. Jump in and find out more about how it could be applied in your world.
Beyond and linked to the basics, incorporate these models and frameworks for greater impact.
Cynefin Framework
We'll warn you upfront, the Cynefin Framework runs deep and there's a lot to it. On a simple level, you can however apply it to understand where Agile Methodology is best applied and where it's not. Click into the model to find out more.
Agile Methodology
Agile Methodology, beyond specific frameworks, is all about iterating and experimenting your way through complexity to identify the effective way forward.
Spinning out of Agile Methodology, teams can use this approach to create a backlog of work and prioritise it through each sprint.
The most popular pick for applying Agile Methodology, Scrum provides a tested framework for teams to iterate, learn and deliver value.
Minimum Viable Product
Don't overcommit. The point of being Agile and Lean is to deliver the point of basic value with the lowest cost – this both reduces initial risk and lets you continue to iterate and learn in partnership with your growing customer base.
Lean Startup

Eric Reis' packaging of Lean and Agile techniques, putting MVPs at the center of his approach, continues to resonate with many organisations looking to deliver greater customer value.
Design Thinking
Modern work practices require a customer-centric view, and Design Thinking will help you embrace that view to drive innovation. There are lots of associated models with Design Thinking so click through and find out about Empathy Maps, Journey Mapping and more.
Value Proposition
Part of fixing your customer at the center of what you do is developing a clear view of the Value Proposition — not just for your overall product, but also for the work that your team is doing.
DevOps Mindset
You can be Agile, but how do you bridge the divide between your innovative and Agile development team and the reality of implementation on the operations side? You're not the only one to face that issue - which is why DevOps came to be.
Of course these methods are built around and for teams, so consider adding these approaches to ensure effective collaboration.
T-Shaped People

Speaking of teams, you'll need to consider T-Shaped People and teams to create empower greater cross-functional collaboration.
Psychological Safety
No matter what framework or approach you commit to, it will be dead in the water without Psychological Safety in your teams. Click through to the model for practical advice on how to build it.
High-Velocity Decisions

Finally, even as you scale, your teams will need ways to make effective decisions fast. This framework from Jeff Bezos is definitely worth considering.

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