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One Powerful Idea Each Week.
One Powerful Idea Each Week.
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Imagine receiving one powerful summarised idea in your inbox each week. 

And not just any idea. We're talking about some of the world's most powerful ideas – drawn from ancient philosophers, tech startups, geeky researchers, in fact anywhere and anytime — all summarised and immediately actionable so that you can create more impact. 

It's free. It's fast. It's and you can sign up right now.

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Want a little more convincing. Well, we wouldn't be ModelThinkers without using models to explain why signing up is a brilliant idea: 

This Playbook includes the following sections, select a heading to jump to that section.
Paradox of Choice
With well over 100 mental models on ModelThinkers and more added each week, it can be overwhelming. You might not know where to start, so let these emails direct your attention through some of our highlights, in ways that you can apply immediately.
Spaced Retrieval
One of the most impactful, evidence-based memory hacks is to space out your learning, combining it with forced retrieval. These Thinking Hacks are a great way to help. Don't just binge then forget, let our short emails help to embed new and powerful models into your life.
Munger's Latticework
The ultimate goal of ModelThinkers is to empower you to develop a Latticework of Mental Models. That's what's going to supercharge your thinking — each email has tips to go deeper, on how to combine and build your own latticework.
Compounding (Snowball Effect)
Slowly? Who wants slow? Well, this Mental Model is a reminder that slow, consistent marginal gains can grow into exponential impact.

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