The 4 Models Behind ModelThinkers
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There are over 100 models on ModelThinkers, and our library will keep growing as we continue to uncover and summarise the most powerful ideas in the world. But, we also want to acknowledge four Mental Models that particularly inspired our approach. 

For a more traditional backstory, view our About page. But, for our mental model backstory, read on as we dive into the four models that inspired and helped to define us.

This is a truly powerful Mental Model that will transform your thinking and life. It takes you beyond a memorising a 'list of great ideas' to building dynamic ways of solving problems and making an impact.

Sure, we love Mental Models — but you can't trust them. They are 'representations' of the world, so any individual Mental Model might be powerful, yet inaccurate. It's a reminder about a lot of things, including the need to combine and apply a Latticework of Models.

Our entire project is about Mental Models. We considered talking in terms of 'concepts' or 'ideas', but we were both inspired by the growing discussion around Mental Models and moved to help popularise the approach.

You might not have expected the inclusion of this one in our list of four, but the Leitner System has defined our 'Learn' section. It brings a powerful and evidence-based memory hack to life and is used in many learning apps, including ModelThinkers.


That's it — the four models that, at the most basic level, inspired the creation of ModelThinkers

Let us know your thoughts and reactions in the comments below. 

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