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3 Models for Simple Decisions
3 Models for Simple Decisions
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We make countless decisions every day — so it's surprising that we haven't developed better ways of making them. Well, we do... but maybe you're not using them yet. 

Here are 3 models to get you started towards better every day decision making.

  • Impact Effort Matrix
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis 
  • High Velocity Decisions

Please note, the focus of this post is on simple, common decisons. Try this Playbook for more complex decisions. But, for now, let's jump into those three models in more detail. 

This Playbook includes the following sections, select a heading to jump to that section.
Cost-Benefit Analysis
The classic cost benefit analysis had to get a mention here. Such an analysis might be quite complex, tracking time and intangibles. But, in it's simplest form, this model presents a way to quickly weigh options. 
Impact Effort Matrix
This Model represents a quick, versatile way to sort through and prioritise options, and can also be used to evaluate a single decision point. Simply map your potential effort against it's potential impact or results. It's a particularly useful model to use visually as part of co-design sessions. 
High-Velocity Decisions

You've probably heard of the last two models but this might be new to you. That's because we pulled it out of an Amazon shareholder letter from Jeff Bezos. Perhaps a little more 'agile' than the average 'simple decision' Model, but I like to include it because it speaks to a more realistic decision-making context —that of fast paced organisations.  

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